Creation Cries Out

Creation Cries Out! 2nd Edition – is the most complete book ever written on what the Bible calls the Mazzaroth and what we today call the Zodiac. It is the Heavenly Scroll and source of all the prophets in the Bible. In the Mazzaroth the Plan of Salvation is laid out by the Creator and the Messiah’s role is defined. In the Mazzaroth, we find the first prophesies of: – The Sabbath – The Ages of mankind – The first and second comings of the Messiah – The Messiah ben Joseph (suffering servant) – The Messiah ben David (conquering King) – The Fall and Spring Feast Cycles of Yahuah – The Wedding Portrait, the Bride and Bridegroom – The Two Houses of Israel … and much more. In this book I explain how Yahuah used the Zodiac to witness the Gospel to all the prophets, Abraham, the Galatians, Sha’ul (Paul the Apostle), and John the revelator. The Mazzaroth is the Great Seal over His Word, broken at the “time of the end”. We are in that time. That seal has been broken

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