The Law and The Pauline Doctrine

The purpose of this book is to help the Nazarenes understand The Law, how to discern intent, how to apply The Law in our OWN lives, and how to avoid the temptation to apply it to the lives of others. The Law is a personal guide to Righteousness that is used by Yahuah as the vehicle by which He trains us within the context of a personal relationship… We are never to use The Law to judge another’s servant! In this book I am going to build the foundation and beliefs of The Nazarene, the true sons of Yahuah and followers of The Branch. I am also going to then establish the beliefs of Sha’ul the Apostle as he was one of the most influential Nazarenes who ever lived. I am going to then address The Pauline Doctrine and dismantle that false doctrine point by point. The Pauline Doctrine is a Greek appropriate “doctrine” born out of sound bite implied lies, twisted scriptures, and ignorance of the scriptures. This book will establish the place of The Law in your life, and The Plan of Salvation.