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Important: This is Step #2.  If you have not read through Step #1 do so before continuing.

"I have always believed there is a way to fund the growth of The Kingdom that would benefit everyone involved and not mainly “the Pastor” and the “higher ups”... as is the case in the false religions, cults, or just the “author” of a book, a publishing co., or distributor etc.  A system of rewards where those who actually serve Yahauh are the ones who are rewarded!" ... Rav Sha'ul

The Scriptural Model of The Nazarenes’

We see the example set by Yahusha and his followers and it is one of voluntary shared resources, where everyone works to benefit the group as the entire group serves the Father’s Will and Kingdom! Where all are cared for in the process.

The same concept as the tithe which was to go into a storehouse for all of Israel’s needs.  The existing systems of everyone giving to the “one” at the top, who benefits disproportionately from the group, is not Scriptural and does not interest me.  I wanted a true Biblical example that works for all who work to serve The Kingdom under The Sabbath Covenant Ministry.

A system of real rewards that are proportionally distributed according to the efforts and talents of everyone involved.  No respecter of persons, you know, the way it should be… but for some reason never is.  The workers are the least to be rewarded if at all, while the Big Kahunas get rich beyond belief as they lie and mislead the sheeple.  We have all seen this, been a part of it, and been burned badly by it.  There has to be “another way”… there just has to be.

With that goal in mind, I have never really found any system of funding that would satisfy my requirements (Scriptural examples).  About a month ago, Brother Ger Zimmerman committed to finding a way to fund The Sabbath Covenant in a way that would benefit all those who serve; not just the “leader”.

Ger walked away from Facebook, for the most part, and went into his “box” and emerged recently with just such a funding system!  He presented it to me for my approval and it met every expectation… it is the perfect funding/growth/distribution program I always trusted Yahuah would provide to fund the growth of His Kingdom, through The Sabbath Covenantbut in such a way that all those who commit to this ministry are rewarded properly according to their own efforts.  A very real way we all can build our very own fully funded ministry while creating a grass-roots distribution channel for The Original Revelation Book Series meeting the overwhelming need of the people to be fed.

The Need

The “need”?  Ignorance.  The solution? The Original Revelation Book Series.

Hosea 4:6
"my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. "Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the Word of your Elohim, I also will ignore your children."

John 21:17
The third time he said to him, "Simon son of John, do you love me?" Peter was hurt because Yahusha asked him the third time, "Do you love me?" He said, "My King, you know all things; you know that I love you." Yahusha said, "(then if you love me...)Feed my sheep."

The Challenge

As anyone realizes the minute they open and read any book in The Original Revelation Book Series, no publisher or distributor will ever represent these books.  No literary agent would touch them out of fear of losing the massive audience of over 3 Billion Christians worldwide.  The “system” is dominated by the False Religion of Christianity and my books are too controversial to put it mildly.  Far too much truth and written without fear and total disregard for the beliefs of the masses.   They contain Truth on a level humanity as a whole has never seen, will never accept, and that most are simply not prepared for.  These books are for “The Chosen Few” called out of The Beast to come back to our Father!  A unique work at the “end” as Yahuah has promised to bring us back to His Truth at this time.

This means I am alone in my effort to get these books to the people.  I am left to self-publish on Amazon with no marketing, no support, no fan fair, no book signings, no special appearances on big televangelist shows or major radio spots.  No big movie contracts, nothing the enemy has set up to promote her lies can be employed or brought to bear to see this Truth succeed.  Those in a position to tell the world are afraid of these books; that they will lose their audience due to the Truth these books contain.

Yahuah is going to have to see this effort through Himself, and do it through His Chosen Nazarenes... as a body working in unison toward a common goal. The way He did with His sons in the first century.  

We are going to have to “go to all nations and make disciples of all men“, preach the coming Kingdom, and feed His sheep the REAL Truth as we have been instructed… on our own with no “support system” to back us up. This is possible today due to the advent of the Internet and e-books!  All that is missing are workers in the “field” and a viable system to support those workers to ensure those who put in the effort are duly rewarded.

The Solution

Ger and I have employed an existing “go fund me” type model called “Fund My Cause” that is uniquely designed as either a fund raiser or a distribution chain.  It is based on a monetary system that is decentralized and outside the greedy hands of the Global Elites, bankers, and government regulations.

Even the "money" we generate will appreciate sitting in our personal accounts out of reach of any government and on a record level that not even investing in Gold compares to.  

It is a very simple distribution system based on each minister building their own organization (ministry) by simply spreading the message of The Sabbath Covenant to 4 people and getting the book series in their hands. Then enlisting those 4 as “links in the distribution chain” so they too can earn royalties by distribution the Truth found in The Original Revelation Book Series (and get the complete set for themselves in the process).  It is a win/win for everyone down the line… unlimited potential.

Each minister (and ministers under them) will be given the full distribution rights to the book series (audio, HTML, PDF and Kindle) and a complete set free (even the author discount on the printed books) to build their own ministry with a very viable product.  A product that remains valuable to all men over all time… the Truth.

The foundation of this ministry opportunity is sound, glorifies our Father, fulfills The Great Commission, and Yahusha’s own instructions to “feed his sheep“.  Just ask yourself how much value these books have added to your walk with Yahuah and if you believe Yahuah would bless this effort.  If the answer to that question is “yes”, then join me in creating a grassroots distribution channel and change the lives of those you share this opportunity with…  both financially AND Spiritually!

The only question is... do we really love him that much, do we really care that much about those who are lost... are we willing to step out there, be vulnerable, and tell 4 people and encourage them to join us in this Ministry and the distribution of The Original Revelation Book Series?

While this has the very real potential to fully provide for you and your families needs, offer you the privilege of serving in the full-time ministry at an amazing level of “comfort”… THAT is not what this is truly about.  This is about workers bringing in the harvest worldwide by teaching the long hidden “truths” of The Kingdom being revealed in this last days (through The Sabbath Covenant Ministry) while producing real fruit!  Those who deny The Spirit of the False Messiah and come back to the ONE True Elohim; our Father.

It is about the re-emergence of the true Nazarenes like the ones in the first century who grew to overtake every other sect in Jerusalem… one convert at a time.

  • YOU are the “tip of the spear
  • Yahuah has brought YOU to this Ministry to be prepared, trained, and to go forth and make a difference.
  • YOU are the voice to the nations…
  • Will YOU stand up with me and the others who stand beside me and be counted as a true Nazarene?
  • Will YOU do your part as a link in the distribution chain; and help get these vital books into the hands of the people?

Yahuah is seeking soldiers on the battlefield, workers to bring in the harvest, those who have a passion for His Kingdom and He is asking you… will you, as I have, boldly proclaim:

Here I am Father… SEND ME!

The “Product”

The “products” of this grassroots distribution channel are the books in The Original Revelation Book Series.  The ability to fund your ministry is the book royalties paid directly to you!

You keep 100% of the book royalties your organization (Ministry) generates.  You simply make a small donation to activate (and remain active) in this Ministry to qualify to receive your royalties/donations for your Ministry for free. The one-time out of pocket donation to The Sabbath Covenant Distribution Channel is about $50 USD, at this time.

This is so unique and valuable to the lives of those you introduce to this opportunity, they will not only be forever in your debt for the Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding introduced into their lives, but also for the financial freedom it brings.

The Return on Your Contribution and Further Donations…

This funding program is self sufficient.  All future monthly contributions are covered by this program, you are not out of pocket any money!

Your initial donation to get started in the distribution chain is returned multi- fold every month you are active and maintain active members of your ministry who donate directly to your ministry for distribution rights and a full set of the book series.  So those under you support your ministry just as those under me support mine.

The rewards in The Kingdom is what is important, and Yahuah has provided a very real way to take care of all of us in in the process.   This does involve actively serving the Kingdom; as it is not a “get rich quick” scheme relying on some bogus product no one really wants or is not worth the cost.  The value is easily established and it is perfectly legal.  This is His Kingdom, and the approximately .10 Bitcoin donated, to see it advanced, is dwarfed by the “product” which is Truth found in The Original Revelation Book Series.  The market is world-wide and wide open. And your .10 Bitcoin is returned in the first week if all participants follow the plan that will be outlined.

The royalties/donations you generate over time can be very substantial financial resources.  It is yours to use as you see fit to serve Yahuah, send your children to college, and can even be willed to your loved ones as part of your Estate.  It is YOUR Ministry to build and utilize.

We will all work as a unified team, a functioning assembly of Nazarenes to fill out this organization chart to its fullest.

How we are building this distribution chain

We are going to build this properly and over time.  We are not accepting ANY money today and will all activate the entire distribution chain together.  That way everyone makes money day 1!  All you need to do today is open a Coinbase e-wallet (it is free) and PM me so I can put you in the distribution chain!

A little detail…

This is akin to crowdfunding methods, except this it is “peer to peer” meaning there are no middlemen, no group skimming 30% of the proceeds to run the crowdfunding organization.  Instead, in this model, 100% of the royalties generated fund The Kingdom and the workers participating in it, each according to their talent.

The currency we use is international in scope and therefore out of the jurisdiction of any county’s man-made government yet readily becoming available for use in every country by simply transferring the money to your bank account with a click of a button!

It is a shared system of everyone benefiting from the royalties/donations to grow The Kingdom of Yahuah by becoming a ground-level grassroots distributor of The Original Revelation Book Series.

All royalties/donations go to those in the ministry who participate and the “product” is viable to all down the line for eternity.  It is not a system that collapses in on itself over time costing anyone even their small initial donation! Everyone receives a full set of The Original Revelation Book Series (in multiple formats) that is worth FAR more than the initial donation.

Best of all, it is truly “risk free” as the original donation is only approximately .10 Bitcoin and then, if you simply do the minimum (reach out to others with the Truth and encourage them to serve in this ministry with you), and spread the Truth and grow the Kingdom, that initial donation of .10 Bitcoin will be received back quicker than you can imagine.  All future “donations” to the ministry, to keep and stay active in the distribution chain (to receive donations), will be easily covered by just a fraction of the “donations” others give to your personal ministry as the goal is to fund YOURSELF to serve The Kingdom, not just me, as we all serve as the publishing arm of this ministry to get these books out to the population at large.

The Currency

The “foundation” of this funding program is The Original Revelation Book Series.  It is the active promotion of Knowledge to meet the need of “ignorance” and “feed his sheep”, as instructed.

The currency used to exchange value among participants is based on the exchanging of Bitcoins.  Bitcoins is a digital currency that is the fastest growing currency in the world!  All it requires is a digital e-wallet (like PayPal) where you can give to my ministry (for the books and distribution rights) and receive the donation royalties to your ministry from others to whom you give the books series and grant distribution rights.

Bitcoin is easily traded in all world currencies so you can withdraw your earned royalties in Bitcoin into your regular bank accounts with a click of a button, just like PayPal.  Your Bitcoin e-wallet is your very own private bank account.  No-one has access to it or can touch it, not even the governments or central banks!  It is truly “the money of the people for the people” and not subject to the unstable flux of government paper or failing economies.  It is considered “the new gold” and is growing faster than gold.  This distribution/royalty sharing system comes complete with a fully functional management software to manage your ministry and its growth.  It is very easy to use, and Ger is going to be the “trainer” and will get us all up to speed ASAP.

As I stated, I am not going to divulge this funding system publicly and will bring in only to those I trust who are willing to join me in this ministry and actively work to see it succeed.  I am initially seeking only 4 people!  I will offer it to more once I get the first 4 ministers properly setup in this ministry and trained in its implementation.  That should happen within the first week, then I will bring in the next 4, get them trained and opoerational, and so forth.

What do I need to do to become a “link in the chain”?

link in the chain

To be considered to be a part of this ministry you must be willing to spread the Gospel and serve The Kingdom by actively distributing the book series.

The first step is simply opening a digital e-wallet that enables you to purchase Bitcoin so that you can effectively participate as a link in the distribution chain.  Some of you may already have this in place.  It is very easy and the money you put into it is your money under your control!

If you don’t like the opportunity and do not want to continue in it, simply transfer the money back to your bank account and close your e-wallet (or keep it open as Bitcoin is the fastest growing currency investment and is easily expected to skyrocket in the coming months/years, much like Gold).  Either way, you win opening a bitcoin e-wallet and you get the full set of .pdf and Kindle files!

Bottom line? You fund your ministry by others donating to acquire the books series and the rights to distribute them AND that money is in Bitcoins and grows in value every passing day.  A “win/win” and if there ever was such a thing as a no-brainer… this is it.  I have included a few articles on Bitcoin for your information.

How high could Bitcoin go in 2017?

Bitcoin is going VIRAL! 2.3 Billion people can now use Bitcoins to make purchases on

Investment Analysis pegs Bitcoin to $3,678

Glen Beck on Bitcoin

Bitcoin has its own ATMs, and more merchants such as Microsoft, Dell, Target, Home Depot, K-Mart and MANY others are moving to accept Bitcoins directly at their registers.


Step 1Sign up with Coinbase

If you see this for the opportunity it is for Your Own Ministry, and the overwhelming potential to fund the growth of The Kingdom, then you will request to be included under me; first 4 who come with an open e-wallet account… first 4 served, and prepare to fund your e-wallet with a one-time-only Bitcoin purchase (about $60 to cover your donation to The Sabbath Covenant and cover the small fee to set up the account to Coinbase).  From that funded Bitcoin e-wallet you will then need to activate your position in the distribution channel to get started (about $50 to acquire the entire book series (PDF and Kindle) and the distribution rights.

Below, I produced a video showing me setting up a Coinbase account for my wife.  Before you begin, you will want to have your phone near you (you will have to confirm that phone number) and have your email account open (you will have to confirm your email address).  NOTE: I set up a new email just for this business using gmail.  I recommend doing that but it is not necessary.

When you have your email open and your phone at the ready… then click on this link (it will open in a new window) to get started and watch this video and just follow along with me.  So you can watch the video in one window, and then pause it and switch over to the Coinbase set up screen and just set your account up along with me.

Step 2– PM me if you need help, or when you have setup an e-wallet

When you do everything as instructed you will be earning while learning.  Your first donation will “activate” you to become a participant in this Ministry and obtain the full set of books and distribution rights to distribute yourselves.  Then… off you go with me and we will go from there together to bring this same opportunity to 4 people YOU trust and know have the desire to serve Yahuah with their time.

When we make the full presentation and begin training to those interested, this is really going show the power of how Yahusha instructed us to go forth. Spreading the Gospel has always relied on mentorship, and “network marketing” as we are to do as Yahusha did… train others and send them out in twos to do the same thing. As Sha’ul explained…

2 Timothy 2
1 You therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in covenant with Yahusha the Messiah (know and understand your roles and responsibilities in The Yahushaic Covenant). 2 And the things that you (a disciple) have heard from me (your mentor) among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men (to whom you will mentor) who will be able to teach others (as future mentors) also (and such is how the Faith is passed down among The Nazarenes, through discipleship).... 6 The hardworking farmer must be first to partake of the crops (other Nazarenes brought into the faith are to bear the financial burdens of those who fight at this level). 7 Consider what I say, and may Yahuah give you understanding in all things (pray for Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding in all things… DAILY).

And we read in Acts that those who came into faith contributed financially up the chain, sold possessions, and so forth and brought the money to the feet of the Nazarenes.  They were then trained and prepared and sent forth in twos as the process worked and spread like wildfire.

It is time we all cease laboring in the world system, support each other’s efforts, and all serve our Father with our lives.  If you want to get involved at this level with The Sabbath Covenant, simply open your e-wallet (Step 1 above) then PM me…

I don’t have ‘time’ for this…

This is spreading the Gospel, fulfilling the Great Commission simply by bringing in two people to make that happen under you.  Everyone has that much time.  The real work is done by The Sabbath Covenant.

I don’t have the money!

No money is required at this time.  We are building the organization/distribution channel FIRST and we all will activate together so everyone will double their money instantly.

There are also others who are willing to sponsor others into this.

Rav Sha’ul

A Nazarene's Guide