Fulfilling the Great Commission

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A few words from Rav Sha’ul


What is Expected of Me? Fulfill The Great Commission



The 12-Month Building Phase &

The Sabbath Covenant Fund


During this building phase, there will be royalties generated above and beyond what is required to pay your monthly donation to keep your link active and to cover your next month’s donation.  For the purpose of first funding The Sabbath Covenant, the extra donations generated will go to the top level called The Sabbath Covenant Fund.

These funds will be specifically dedicated during this period of time to bring me to a place of full-time ministry for the first time in 30 years… as fast as possible.  This Ministry is given to me specifically by our Father (with His Anointing) and for it to succeed with His full blessing He requires for me to be fully engaged and single-minded.

I must continue to support this ministry, even increase my productivity, and provide teachings and resources (videos, books, audio lessons, additional website content, Facebook instruction, etc.) This requires for me to be fully funded in this effort.

The Yahushaic Covenant In Context

One of the major efforts that will be undertaken with The Sabbath Covenant Fund is the production of the entire New Testament in context of the Hebraic Mindset, History, proper translation, the Torah, and The Heavenly Scroll.  Yahuah has placed this work on my heart and it is by far the most pressing need in the world today.  Once completed, that will be included in The Sabbath Covenant Distribution Channel and offered to everyone down the line for free as well to be used in our Ministries.

Supporting the Infrastructure

With The Anointing Yahuah has placed over The Sabbath Covenant Ministry, the full attention of the Nazarene He placed over it, the resources and Anointed Teachings/Books/Videos He has provided through this Ministry, and a fully engaged management team… there is no chance this distribution channel will not succeed and bear fruit of many fully funded ministers upon completion of the building phase!  The Sabbath Covenant Fund will be used to ensure the success of this program.

In the initial building phase, money will also go to support the growth of this organization, help Ger Zimmerman financially as he too will be dedicating time and effort above and beyond the average “link”,  continue to support Ed Moore, and continue providing printed books as an outreach to the less fortunate financially. After the building phase, they (and all of you) should be at a fully funded stage.


When Does My Ministry Become Self-Sufficient?

During the first 12-month building phase, I will be placing “links” under all the assemblies being established to help you grow it as fast as we can… together.  You will not be left to do this alone, you simply need to establish 1 assembly of two below you and keep that assembly active in the chain (making your monthly donation from royalties).

This is the MINIMUM, not the MAXIMUM and I strongly advise each participant to bring in more than the minimum 2 links below them because things happen, people get injured, ill and pass on and so forth. It is prudent to not only do the minimum but to continue to add people further downline as this gives your position more of a foundation and remember, the main objective is to SPREAD the Original Revelation Book Series to feed as many sheep as possible in these last days.  This makes the entire operation more sustainable for the future till Yahusha returns.  Please do not depend solely on having new members added to your links by the efforts of others as this will greatly increase the length of time it will take you to achieve the level of Apostle and be self-funded in your own branch.

During the building phase, The Sabbath Covenant team will be helping you every step of the way with instructions on how to manage your e-wallet and the royalties that will be placed there.  We will ensure you always have the donations required in your e-wallet so that you will never be out any money.  We will provide instruction for donating the royalties up to The Sabbath Covenant Fund, etc.   The minimum effort required is one “assembly” that you establish and a 12-month commitment.



This one assembly you establish covers your current donation to stay active and the next month’s donation!  You are never out of pocket.  If you can do that, then you have succeeded in fulfilling The Great Commission as it is done two-by-two; a Divine Network Marketing model employed by the original Nazarenes 2000 years ago that changed the course of history!


Your ministry will naturally grow as I place new assemblies under you and those you bring in do their part and get 2 people in this ministry.  Once your ministry grows naturally beneath you in this building phase, you will reach the final level of Shepherd.  I expect most everyone who begins with me at this time to be at that level easily by the end of the building phase.


Once you achieve the position of Shepherd and maintain that position for 3 consecutive months, your ministry will have generated enough donations to the top level Sabbath Covenant Fund to be awarded Apostle level and you will have earned your place in this Ministry as “the worker is worthy of his wage”.


The Sabbath Covenant will then release all the royalties generated by your assembly from that point forward and it will become your very own Ministry.  At that point, you should have a very sustainable income and a Minister of The Sabbath Covenant we call an “Apostle”.

As an Apostle, You will be responsible directly and indirectly for establishing 32 “assemblies” under you of 3, distributing 64 sets of The Original Revelation Book Series, have made a significant contribution to The Sabbath Covenant, AND will have grown The Kingdom of Yahuah as He commanded we do. More importantly, you will have stored up wealth in the coming Kingdom!

What has taken me 30 years to accomplish, will be leveraged on your behalf to bring you to this point in 12 months!



What is the Next Step?

Now that you all have set up a Bitcoin e-wallet, we need to move to the Training Phase.  Ger Zimmerman will be managing that phase and will show you how the Ministry works, how it grows, and how the royalties from distributing The Original Revelation Book Series will be shared among all those who participate in the Sabbath Covenant Distribution Channel.

At this time, we have not produced a video of the training, so Ger is going to make the presentation live via Skype.  We all need to download Skype and begin getting familiar with that video conference/chat software BEFORE we attend one of Ger’s training sessions.

We will ultimately produce a training video to make this process much easier.



Downloading and getting familiar with Skype

Click here to download Skype for Windows PC

Click here to download Skype on an Andriod Phone

Click here to download Skype on Android Tablets

While having the ability to Skype is highly recommended to increase your participation in this Ministry, it is not required.  We will be putting the training session into a video presentation soon.

It is also recommended so you can face time with those in your assemblies to help you all grow together, get to know each other, pray with one another, and so forth.  We will be having Skyped Sabbath Meetings with me, meet on the Holy Days in that way, and more as this Ministry continues to grow and mature in this next phase.


What do I do right now to move ahead?

Once you have Skype downloaded, please contact me and we’ll move forward from there.

Rav Sha’ul



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