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Welcome to my study of Enoch’s Calendar, the stars, zodiac and more.

In chapter 72 of the Book of Enoch a messenger from Yahuah taught Enoch how to keep the days, months and years. I simply transferred what I read, verse by verse putting it in verbal / pictorial form. Click the links below to access my teachings via videos, audios, images and other multimedia content.

  1. Video –  My Sparkly Introduction
  2. Video – In Search Of The True Sabbath Take 1
  3. Video – In Search Of The True Sabbath Take 2
  4. Video – In Search Of The True Sabbath Take 3
  5. Video – In Search Of The True Sabbath Take 4
  6. Video – Sign of the Son of Man
  7. Facebook Note – Enoch’s Calendar (for Facebook user’s)
  8. Max’s Rants
  9. Max’s Youtube Channel
  10. The SabbthCovenant Book Club


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    1. Thanks for your interest in my humble videos and testimony. Although I am sure you meant well by your comment, I feel anyone that would have faith in any Christian literature such as The Christian Observer, hopefully will reconsider there faith and stop using those services as the whole kit’n caboodle have lost their senses. Do you know that the plan of salvation and the original revelation was written in the stars? I suggest that you read Matthew 4:4 and figure out that the Law was never abolished and those that refuse to obey that verse are doomed. Please see Gen 1:1 and know that according to Christians that it was abolished by Jesus Christ, your God. The word “In” according to the Christian Observer was abolished along with every other word in the bible. Sorry bro but you are wrong at so many levels. Please read Rav Sha’uls book “The Mazzaroth” as it is free to read here. You can also go to Youtube and search for Dr. James Kennedy’s message about this most basic subject. Do you know anything at all about the Zodiac or constellations? Have you studied about this unchangeable message written in the sky. Maybe Yahuah (YHVH) had you come to this website to give you another chance to listen to Him. I pray that He will choose you and help you to become a believer in our real Messiah, instead of the pagan image of the Beast.

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