My Sparkly Introduction

Let’s get real! Here is my Redneck Testimony. I am so proud to know Yahuah(YHVH) and Joseph & Mary’s son Yahusha! Oh, by-the-way he is my messiah, High Priest and also my elder brother and King! He was a plain old everyday human. Just like me, but was transformed by our Heavenly Father at resurrection from the dead, to become an immortal being.

8 thoughts on “My Sparkly Introduction”

  1. Such a pleasure to meet you Max. Sabbath Covenant is a beacon of hope in the midst of a cruel twisted world. I used to be a Christian, blinded by Churchianity and its false doctrines!

    1. Hey bro…the website popups are great to read, but are not so great if you want to read or study on the website. They are very annoying because each time you go to a different page they popup again and again and again…… Once is ok, a hundred times…well you get my point bro…

      1. Free plug in, be nice to have the full paid version. I am adjusting it now to include the LINK to Never SEE AGaIN…:) but each new popup will get ya at least once 😉 Praise Yahuah

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