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This site is dedicated to all those who are coming out of human tradition and religion, who know “something is wrong” but can’t put their finger on it to prove it.”… Rav Sha’ul

The Holy Scriptures that we read in our English Bibles have been severely tampered with, even altered to bring in pagan beliefs.  It is these pagan beliefs that have become the “foundation of our faith” in the Christian Religion.   These are false doctrines literally written into our English Bibles; that teaches us “another gospel” message than the one proclaimed by the prophets of Yahuah (God) and revealed in Yahusha the Messiah.

Christianity admits to altering the Bible

The true faith is that of the Nazarene.  The true followers of the Messiah are known as Nazarenes.  I am Rav Sha’ul, a Nazarene, and this website is written from a Nazarene’s perspective.

The truth on this website is revealed in The Mystery Language, from a Hebraic Mindset, not a Greek Mindset.  The teachings are sound, line upon line, precept upon precept.  There is no “sound bite implied doctrines” (unsound doctrine) on this site.   The doctrines of The Sabbath Covenant brings the Scriptures into agreement from cover to cover.  There is no contradiction, no abolishing anything, everything is covered in context to ensure it is “Truth”!  Truth is not subject to private interpretation, that comes in when the Scriptures are taken out of context, and those out of context Scriptures are strung together to “imply” whatever the teacher is wanting to teach.  That is called “Sound Bite Doctrine” which is unsound doctrine.  Scripture only says one thing when the context is kept and the implications of the first century language/cultural matrix are restored:

  • Textual Context: no scripture is “sound bitten” or taken out of context of the paragraph, book, and authors other writings.
  • Scriptural Context: all scripture is put into context of The Heavenly Scroll (Original Revelation to mankind) and The Torah/Prophets.
  • Historical Context: all scripture is understood relative to the time in history it was given; as Yahuah progressively revealed Himself and His Will/Righteousness over time.  The Scriptures are not isolated out of context of the language/cultural matrix in which it was written to maintain the meaning and intent.
  • Spiritual Context: Yahuah first revealed His Word to us physically in this physical realm.  We are taught Spiritual Truth by using physical examples, rehearsals, training aids, etc.  So every teaching is put into context of Physical to Spiritual Parallels to demonstrate what the Scriptures were designed to teach us, and avoid false doctrine or adherence to “the Letter” instead of “intent”.

“Scripture always interprets Scripture!”

Even though the Scriptures have been altered, the true meaning of the Scriptures shines through IN CONTEXT, if we are disciplined to seek out our salvation with fear and trembling, know His Word, and keep the context in place.

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