The Light of the World … by Rav Sha’ul (the Nazarene) …

by Rav Sha’ul

The Light of the World is the Word of Yahuah.  It is the light in Genesis 1:1 where Yahuah’s plan was revealed and separated the darkness (absence of the knowledge of Yahuah).  Then on Day 4, that Plan was written into the “heavens” and The Heavenly Scroll was authored.  It was then, that The Heavenly Scroll became the physical light as a shadow of the coming Messiah.  Then on the 4th prophetic day (4,000th year), the Messiah was “manifested” or created by Yahuah in fulfillment of “the Word” or Debar.  That is what John Chapter 1 declares!

That light, the Plan of Yahuah is what guided His creative acts as Yahuah created the Universe as an inheritance to give to His future family. That inheritance would be given to His firstborn son, Yahusha, then all of the rest of His sons/daughters would become co-heirs in covenant.

Christianity, the False Religion, then twisted the truth and taught a pagan philosophy of “Logos” taught by the Greek Philosopher Plato, and our English Bibles as a result, have us believing that Yahusha pre-existed as the “Word”.  That is simply not true, and is blasphemy.  Yahusha was born “according to the flesh” which means human to two parents, in fulfillment of the prophets, and then was granted divinity and eternal life as a son of Yahuah according to the Spirit upon resurrection.