The Adoption Covenant… Children through Marriage … by Rav Sha’ul (the Nazarene) …

by Rav Sha’ul


In this teaching, I want to clearly demonstrate that the IMMORTAL, INVISIBLE, SPIRIT (which is The Creator, Yahuah) did not break His double vow He made to never come to Earth as a man and die. It is a popular teaching (false teaching) today to promote the Babylonian doctrine of Incarnation.

“This false doctrine remakes Yahuah into our own human image (instead we are to be conformed to His Divine Image), and kill Him off on a stake!  We are being taught this was necessary to avoid breaking His Own Law so that He can remarry.”

You see, as the false teaching goes, we are in a marriage covenant with Yahuah, and since He divorced us already in the Abrahamic Covenant, He must now break His vow, reveal Himself (deny His Invisible Nature) and become a man, and then admit He was never immortal in the first place by dying on a stake…. simply put… that is blasphemy of the Spirit of Yahuah because Yahuah is Invisible, Immortal, Spirit who cannot be found in the form of a man, cannot be tempted by evil, and cannot die. No one has ever seen Yahuah… and lived. Not even Yahusha before his resurrection Divine.