Growing the Kingdom


I have been considering this opportunity not simply to earn money, but more importantly to spread the Truth found in my book series.


My reservations were that this looks pretty much exactly like a ponzi scheme with no real “product” or goal other than to make everyone rich.  We have to avoid that perception and present a funding program that actually achieves the goals of The Sabbath Covenant which it to get these books in as many hands as possible.

What I would like to build is a very real world-wide grass roots distribution channel where the proceeds go directly back to those who serve His Kingdom purposes.

We need to shy away from that BMW screen or any presentation that comes across as a get rich quick scheme (although that is what it is, I realize that and have no problem with that as long as this effort spread the Gospel message in the process).  I firmly believe if the books series and the active effort to spread this Truth is at the very heart of this effort, Yahuah’s blessing will be all over it!

To make this truly a “ministry” with a goal that does exactly that and distributes this book series, I have made “the product” the book series.  I have maintained complete rights to all my books, and am not beholden to any publisher or distributor in any way.  I can give them away, sell them, or create just such a ministry as this that serves as the “distributor”.

The electronic books (.pdf and Kindle) are 100% free for me so there is no cost at all involved in bringing these books into this program as “the product” upon which this funding system/ministry is founded… I will also make these books available in audio format and html so even those with just smart phones can have access.

Basically instead of just “gifts” passed around, what will be invested in is the book series itself and the right to distribute the books freely to others who they can bring in to their downline.  It will work exactly like you have it, except for the $50 I will provide the full books series in .pdf and Kindle and grant full distribution rights to the electronic books to all those who remain active in the program.

So when they go to grow their ministry, they are not just trying to convince someone to “give to their cause” but rather invest in their own knowledge!   Those who sign up all down the line will get the complete book series for the $50 investment AND the digital distribution rights to offer to others as we grow the Kingdom as a body with “a single mind/purpose” by distributing these books in electronic form to feed His Sheep and overcome the lack of Knowledge.

The “need” is  Ignorance…

Hosea 4:6 
"my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. "Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children."

This turns this from just a “get rich scheme” into an actual ministry with an actual product that has tremendous value to those who give $50!  This will eliminate the reservation people are definitely going to have trying to “pitch the program” without a real product of value attached to it.  Which is my reservation as well.

So basically, people will sign up just like you have it setup, and they will receive a link where they can download all 11 books for themselves.  When they sign up their 4 people, they will have the rights to share that link with those 4, and so on down the line.  This not only “looks” like a real ministry at that point, it IS a real ministry as the goal of this effort is not only to fund each individual but to distribute books that will change the lives of each and every person who comes into this program.

This will also protect me from any “attacks” on this ministry for promoting a get rich quick scam as it has a very real, very valuable product that does not fade away as the downline is built leaving 80% of the downline losing their investment.  Because what they invested in… is the books and the right to distribute them to build their own ministry and spread the Truth.  These books remain valuable over all time to all people.  There is no chance this will “collapse” over time as all other ponzi schemes inevitably do… that is why they are illegal to begin with.  Not because they don’t work, but because they ONLY work for the few at the top and destroy everyone down the line over time because there is no real viable product worth the investment.

This gives each person in this ministry access to the book series to study, and grow, and then to “cut and paste” and teach on their Facebook Pages.  As they do, interest will grow (as you see it does) and then instead of links to the printed books at about $20/book, each “minister” can work with those they are mentoring and encourage them to enter this ministry and get the entire book series for themselves (to study, learn to teach, and then promote this funding effort themselves).

Instead of talking about this in terms of “gifts” we use “royalties”.  So they are maitaining their distribution rights with the $50/month and earning royalties on thier first level.  To open up the royalties of their second level… another $50/month and so forth.

Your thoughts?

Below is what I have come up with to introduce this funding/ministry to the people initially.  This will be PM’d to only those I know I can truth at the beginning.

I have always believed that there was a way to fund the growth of The Kingdom that would benefit everyone involved not just “the Pastor” as is the case in the false religions, cults, or the “author” of a book, etc.

The Scriptural model of The Nazarenes is the goal.  That is one of voluntary shared resources, where everyone works to benefit the group as the entire group serves the Father’s Will and Kingdom and all are cared for in the process.  The same concept as the tithe which was to go into a storehouse for all of Israel’s needs.  The existing systems of everyone giving to the “one” at the top who benefits disproportionately from the group is not Scriptural.

With that goal in mind, I have never really found any system of funding that would satisfy my requirements (Scriptural examples).  About a month ago, brother Ger Zimmerman committed to finding a way to fund The Sabbath Covenant in a way that would benefit all those who serve not just the “leader”.  He walked away from Facebook for the most part, and went into his “box” and emerged recently with just such a funding system!  He presented it to me for my approval and it met every expectation… it is the perfect funding/growth program I always trusted Yahuah would provide to fund the growth of His Kingdom not just The Sabbath Covenant but all those who commit to this ministry.

It does involve actively serving the Kingdom, it is not a “get rich quick” scheme that relies on some bogus product that no one really wants or that is not worth the investment.  This is His Kingdom, and $50 to see it advanced is dwarfed by the “product” which is Truth found in The Original Revelation Book Series.  The market is world-wide and wide open and the product is well worth the initial investment!

This is akin to the “go fund me” methods, accept that it is “pier to pier” meaning there is no middle man, no group that gets 30% of the proceeds that are given to fund The Kingdom.  There is no government intervention, it is a shared system of everyone giving to each other to grow the Kingdom of Yahuah by becoming the gound level grass roots distributor of The Original Revelation Series.

Every dime invested goes to those in the ministry who participate and the “product” is viable to all down the line for eternity.  It is not a system that collapses in on itself over time costing the majority to lose their investment.

The “need”?  Ignorance… and The Original Revelation Series is the solution.

Hosea 4:6 
"my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. "Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children."

The solution is getting these books in the hands of His Chosen.  The original investment is $50 which brings you into this ministry, provides you with the full book series (all 11 books in .pdf and Kindle) and grants you full distribution rights (as long as you stay involved in the ministry each month).  Best of all, it is truly “investment free” as the original investment is only $50 and then if you simply do the minimum (reach out to others with the Truth and encourage them to serve in this ministry with you) and spread the Truth and grow the Kingdom that initial investment of $50 will be returned pretty much immediately.  All future “gifts” to the ministry will be easily covered by just a fraction of the “gifts” other give to your personal ministry as the goal is to fund YOURSELF to serve the Kingdom, not just me, as we all serve as the publishing arm of this ministry to get these books out to the population at large.

The “foundation” of this funding program is The Original Revelation series, the active promotion of Knowledge to meet the need of “ignorance”, and it is based is in the trading of Bitcoins.  A digital currency that is the fastest growing currency in the world!  All it requires is a digital wallet (like PayPal) where you can give to the ministry and receive gifts to your ministry from others.  You give to other’s ministries by passing your bitcoins directly into their Bitcoin digital wallet.  Bitcoin is easily traded in all world currencies so you can withdraw your Bitcoins into your regular bank accounts with a click of a button just like PayPal.  Your Bitcoin wallet is your very own bank account, no one has access to it or can touch it, not even the governments or central banks!  It is truly “the money of the people for the people” and not subject to the unstable flux of government paper or failing economies.  It is considered “the new gold” and is growing faster than gold.  This funding system comes complete with a fully functional management software to manage your ministry and its growth.

As I stated, I am not going to divulge this funding system publicly and only to those I trust who are willing to join me in this ministry and actively work to see it succeed.  I am only initially seeking 4 people!  I will offer it to more once I get the first 4 ministers setup in this ministry properly.

To be considered to be a part of this ministry you must simply open a digital wallet.  It is very easy and the money you put into it is your money.  If you don’t like the opportunity and do not want to invest in it, simply transfer the money back to your bank account and close your wallet (or keep it open as Bitcoin is the fastest growing currency investment and is easily expected to sky rocket in the coming months/years, much like Gold).

If you see this for the opportunity it is for your own ministry and the overwhelming potential to fund the growth of the Kingdom, then you will sign up and make a $65 transfer from your digital bitcoin wallet (that will cover the $50 initial investment plus the fees to open the digital wallet) to become an active participant in this funding system and obtain the full set of books to distribute yourselves.  Off you go with me and we will go from there together to bring this same opportunity to 4 people that YOU trust and know have the desire to serve Yahuah with their time, those you love to whom you want to share the message contained in The Original Revelation Book Series.

It is time we all cease laboring in the world system, support each other’s efforts, and all serve our Father with our lives.  If you would like to get involved at this level with The Sabbath Covenant, simply PM me and I will provide the link to open your Bitcoin account and then we’ll take the next step from there.

Ger is ready to provide all the necessary training to get us all up and running ASAP.

Rav Sha’ul