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The Law and The Pauline Doctrine … by Rav Sha’ul (the Nazarene) …

The purpose of this book is to help the Nazarenes understand The Law, how to discern intent, how to apply The Law in our OWN lives, and how to avoid the temptation to apply it to the lives of others. The Law is a personal guide to Righteousness that is used by Yahuah as the vehicle by which He trains us within the context of a personal relationship… We are never to use The Law to judge another’s servant! In this book I am going to build the foundation and beliefs of The Nazarene, the true sons of Yahuah and followers of The Branch. I am also going to then establish the beliefs of Sha’ul the Apostle as he was one of the most influential Nazarenes who ever lived. I am going to then address The Pauline Doctrine and dismantle that false doctrine point by point. The Pauline Doctrine is a Greek appropriate “doctrine” born out of sound bite implied lies, twisted scriptures, and ignorance of the scriptures. This book will establish the place of The Law in your life, and The Plan of Salvation.

The 7 Covenants of YHVH … by Rav Sha’ul (the Nazarene) …

The 7 Covenants of YHVH

by Rav Sha’ul

Let’s take a more detailed look at each covenant and demonstrate how each one builds on the other throughProgressive Revelation. We are going to watch as YHVH teaches the vital aspects of His kingdom throughphysical to spiritual parallels.  We are going to witness The Law being transposed 3 times from 4 different states as it is established as the constitution of The Kingdom of YHVHand transferred from the mind of YHVH to the hearts of His sons.  We are going to see that The Law is the Terms and Conditions of all 7 Covenants between YHVH and man.

As a quick review, we learned in the last chapter that each covenant came to be known by the name of that chosen representative i.e. Mosaic Covenant named after the signatory Moses.  The covenants in the Bible are known by the name of their chosen human representative (except The Sabbath Covenant as it was with creation not a man).  In The Bible, there are 7 covenants:

1.     The Sabbath Covenant – between YHVH and creation

2.     The Edenic/Adamic Covenant – between YHVH and humanity, Adam the chosen signatory

3.     The Noahic Covenant – Renewed the Adamic Covenant, Noah the chosen signatory

4.     The Abrahamic Covenant – between YHVH and His chosen bloodline, Abraham the signatory

5.     The Mosaic Covenant – between YHVH and His chosen bloodline, Moses the chosen signatory

6.     The Davidic Covenant – between YHVH and His chosen royal bloodline, David the signatory.

7.     The Yahushaic Covenant (the Christian Church calls The New Covenant) – between YHVH and His chosen bloodline, Yahusha the signatory.

Christianity has promoted an entirely false doctrine of “two covenants; one old and one new” and in error dividedThe Word of YHVH into two volumes: The Old Testament and The New Testament.  There is no “Old Testament and New Testament” there is ONE testament of YHVH to mankind by which He progressively disclosed His Kingdom through covenants!

The Word of YHVH is actually contained within The Torah (first 5 books written by the Hand of YHVH and given to Moses), The Prophets (words spoken directly by YHVH through the mouths of His chosen prophets), and then the words of His greatest prophet of all Yahusha the Messiah in the Gospels and in the Book of Revelation.  Together they (Torah/Prophets/Words of the Messiah) make up “The Word of YHVH

We have again erred in elevating the writings of the Apostles and Disciples to the level of “Words of YHVH”.  These men, including the Apostle Paul, were not prophets.  They were inspired knowledgeable men who wrote commentaries and teachings on The Torah, Prophets, and words of the Messiah.  At times they argued among each other in disagreement.

I say this because we have literally misunderstood and mistranslated the words of the Apostle Paul in our Christian Churches.  We then elevatedour misunderstandings of what he said as “The Word of God” and establish these lies and teach false doctrines thatcontradicts the actual Words of YHVH.  We do this to justify that our doctrines; such as “Jesus nailed the Law to the cross and abolished it” which completely contradicts everything written in The Torah, The Prophets, and literally declared by The Messiah Yahusha!  If you believe Paul said such a thing then you must label him a false teacher for contradicting the entire rest of the Bible and specifically contradicting Yahusha and YHVH’s words concerning The Law.

In fact, Paul did not say “The Law” was nailed to the cross, he said the “decrees against us” found within The Law were nailed to the cross.  I’ll explain this is detail in this book.  The reason I bring this point up now in this chapter is because The Law is the Terms and Conditions of every covenant… especially The Yahushaic Covenant.

To know YHVH fully and to understandThe Yahushaic Covenant we must realize that every covenant is still valid, each one building on the one before as they evolved into a complete definition of The Kingdom of YHVH.  Covenant upon covenant; each one adding something new or further defining the previous until all aspects of The Kingdom of YHVH were fully defined to those chosen to rule in that coming kingdom.  All 6 covenants leading up to the final 7th Yahushaic Covenant were given to define His kingdom physically.  Then Yahusha would bring them all to their fullest meaning and application (real meaning of fulfillment) and literally “usher in The Kingdom of YHVH” through transposition (the transfer of position from physical to Spiritual)!  That is what this book is about and The Law plays a vital role as it is the foundation of The Kingdom of YHVH.  It is the very expression of His Holiness.

One of the main focuses of this book will be The Law of YHVH and its relevance in The Kingdom of YHVH.  We as Christians have been taught that “Jesus” nailed The Law to the cross.  Then we lump the entire Torah/Prophets/Writings together and call it all “Old” and abolish them all… what is the literal Word of YHVH!  We abolish His Law, His Covenants, and thereby we abolish His Kingdom.

Before we can even address the question “has The Law been abolished?” we must understand covenants.  The real question isn’t “has The Law been abolished?” but ratherhas The Mosaic Covenant been replaced by The New Covenant and does The Law play a role in The New Covenant. I will address these questions in detail in this book as we restore The Law to its rightful place inThe Kingdom of YHVH as the constitution of the coming Divine government.

A tour of all 7 Covenants between YHVH and ma

Let’s take a brief tour of the covenants in The Bible.  Below I summarize each covenant to demonstrate how each one progressively revealed vital aspects ofThe Kingdom of YHVH (this is a simple overview not intended to be an in depth study of these covenants):

The Sabbath Covenant – The Sabbath Covenant established YHVH as The Creator.  It is between YHVH and His Creation and the basic revelation in that covenant was:

·       The Sabbath Covenant was defined as 6 days then a Sabbath Rest on the 7th Day specifically.  This 7-day portrait is a Physical to spiritual parallel that established the timeframe by which YHVH would introduce His Kingdom through covenants and progressive revelation.  The “days” are prophetic days where 1 day = 1 thousand years.  So The Sabbath Covenant establishes a 6,000 year timeframe by which YHVH would train His sons by putting them through a life on Earth.  It is during this life that YHVH would purchase their salvation to serve Him in His Kingdom.  At the end of 6,000 years YHVH would establish His Kingdom on Earth and further train His sons to rule under the authority of Yahusha the Messiah.  At the end of 7,000 years His Kingdom would be complete, His sons trained to rule, and The Kingdom of YHVH would then expand to govern all of His Creation for eternity…  YHVH blessed and sanctified The Sabbath (7th Day) and made it Holy.

·       The Sabbath would serve as a “sign” between YHVH and His chosen sons for eternity in all covenants and those who keep The Sabbath are set apart from His Creation with Him.  It is The Sabbath that is “the Standard of The Kingdom of YHVH”.  Keeping The Sabbath weekly is expressing faith and hope in the coming Kingdom of YHVH.

Edenic Covenant/ Adamic Covenant– YHVH reveals in these first covenants with man:

·       He has given His sons the authority to rule creation.

·       YHVH discloses His intent to choose a human King/Messiah through the “seed of a woman” who would crush all those apposed to YHVH’s Authority.

·       YHVH establishes the “system of training” used to train His chosen.  A system of “right” and “wrong” defined as “obedience to YHVH’s commandments” known as The Law.

·       It is The Law that is the foundation of and constitution of His Divine Government.

·       The Law in the Edenic/Adamic Covenants was active but unknown to man as it was in The Mind of YHVH.  It was slowly beingtransposed from The Mind of YHVH to orally given to man.

Noahic Covenant – YHVH renewed the two previous covenants with Noah after destroying the remnant seed of the Nephilim (Satan’s sons from the seed of women) from the face of the earth.  In this covenant:

·       YHVH made a promise not to destroy this planet again by flood.  The rainbow is the sign of this promise.

·       The Noahic Covenant is a continuation of the previous two covenants and all aspects of the Edenic/Adamic Covenants are still in effect nothing changes it just needed to be renewed as mankind started over with Noah.

The Abrahamic Covenant – YHVH reveals His chosen bloodline among the sons of men.  In The Abrahamic Covenant YHVH reveals:

·       The bloodline would run through Abraham/Isaac/Jacob and be called “Israel”.

·       It is from within this bloodline that YHVH would introduce His chosen family to His creation, train them through a life on Earth, and prepare them for His coming Kingdom.

·       It is through this bloodline that YHVH would bring forth “Yahuah’s Salvation” which is what the nameYahusha means in Hebrew.

·       YHVH also reveals the physical to spiritual parallel of The Promised Land and His promises to His sons of inheritance.

·       The Abrahamic Covenant contains all the terms and conditions of the previous 3 covenants with the addition of the chosen bloodline and promises to that bloodline.

·       The Law of YHVH was then fullytransposed to Abraham orally and The Oral Law was passed down from generation to generation.

The Mosaic Covenant – The Mosaic Covenant builds on all the previous covenants as YHVH:

·       Transposed His Law from oral to written down in stone as He reveals the “Constitution of His Kingdom” in detail.  The instructions to His sons on how to be righteous before Him known as The Law of YHVH.

·       YHVH firmly establishes in stonethat His Kingdom is a kingdom of law.

·       YHVH establishes  and defines various “cabinets/positions” within His Kingdom such as High Priests, Priests, Judges, Kings, etc.

·       YHVH chose specific bloodlines within “Israel” to serve Him as Priests (Levi) and High Priests (Aaron).  These priesthoods served as physical examples of what Yahusha would do spiritually as Melchizedek.

·       YHVH reveals specific seasons i.e. Holy Days which were to serve as training aids (Physical to spiritual parallels) to help His chosen know the Messiah when he came.  These “shadow pictures” serve as YHVH’s witness of that Messiah and define the Messiah role in his first and second comings.

The Davidic Covenant – The Davidic Covenant builds on all previous covenants as YHVH:

·       Established a physical righteous King to serve as an example of the coming Spiritual King (Physical to spiritual parallels).

·       It was established that the Throne of David would be the throne and bloodline through which The Messiah and King would come to govern His Kingdom for eternity.

·       YHVH established His Throne, Capital City, Temple, and Altar in detail physically as Physical to spiritual parallels.

The Yahushaic CovenantThe Yahushaic Covenant builds on all previous covenants and “fulfills” them all by transposing them to their fullest spiritual application.  The Yahushaic Covenant is “new” in the sense that The Law is written on our hearts and “intent” supersedes physical act.  Up to this point, YHVH had fully defined His coming Kingdom throughPhysical to spiritual parallels so that we could understand The Yahushaic Covenant.  All previous 6 physical covenants are TRANSPOSEDto Spiritual Reality in The Yahushaic Covenant:

·       (Sabbath Covenant) – Yahusha fulfills The Sabbath Covenant when he returns to reign as King of the 7thMillennium and gives us “rest”.

·       (The Edenic Covenant) – Yahusha is given all authority over creation and trains the sons of YHVH to rule creation.  The Kingdom of YHVH is setup on a smaller scale over Earth during the 7th Millennium and “Eden” is restored.

·       (The Adamic Covenant) Established the system for training His sons to rule and foretold of His coming Messiah/King that would crush all rebellion against Him) – Yahusha is that prophesied king who is born of a woman and defeats crushes the head of the enemy.  As the first born of the resurrection and first son to be TRANSPOSED toThe Kingdom of YHVH; Yahusha is called “The Second Adam” and “forefather of everlasting life”.

·       (The Mosaic Covenant) YahushaTRANSPOSES The Law from written in stone or “the letter” to the Spiritual intent of your heart.  The Law is transposed from The Law of Sin and Death to The Law of the Spirit of Life as Yahusha’s blood covers the decrees in The Law that demand our death for disobedience.  The Priesthood is TRANSPOSED to The Spiritual Kingdom under a new eternal High Priest… Melchizedek.  The Law that defines the role of the priesthood is TRANSPOSED to The Spiritual Kingdom of YHVH to give Yahusha authority to make the proper sacrifices and atonement as High Priest.

·       (The Davidic Covenant) Yahusha is The Spiritual Righteous King from the line of David and sits on the Throne of David for eternity. Yahusha TRANSPOSES the Temple, the Altar, and the Capital City to The Spiritual Kingdom of YHVH.  YHVH’s Temple is our body, His Altar our hearts, His Capital City is made up of all of the sons of YHVH;  Yahusha the cornerstone.  All the physical metaphors, examples, rehearsals, shadow-pictures find their fullest expression Spiritually as Yahusha “fulfills” them all and ushers in The Kingdom of YHVH.

As we can see with each new covenant the previous covenants are still valid.  Each covenant adding to The Law, defining new elements of The Kingdom of YHVH, and progressively disclosing new physical shadows that parallel Spiritual Truths.

Next: Terms and Conditions of all covenants

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Mystery Babylon the religion of The Beast … by Rav Sha’ul (the Nazarene) …

The angelic realm perverted the Creator’s Gospel message written in the stars but it was in Babylon that lie became a formal religion. We are commanded to come out of this religion and not partake in her sins. Before we can cleanse our lives of these pagan traditions we must first know what rituals and gods defined the religion in Babylon. In this book we will look at Nimrod the founder of Babylon and how he became Ba’al the sun god. We will look at Semaramis, his wife, who became the fertility goddess Ishtar/Easter. We will examine closely the religion Semaramis created to maintain power after Nimrod’s death. We will look at Semaramis’ son Tammuz whom she claimed was given to her by the rays of the sun in virgin miraculous birth. Semaramis then married her son Tammuz claiming he was the incarnation of Nimrod. The Trinity was born. Nothing is too sacred or off limits in this book. Discover the origin of the rituals and religions of today. This book will rock your very foundation!

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Creation Cries Out … by Rav Sha’ul (the Nazarene) …

Creation Cries Out! 2nd Edition – is the most complete book ever written on what the Bible calls the Mazzaroth and what we today call the Zodiac. It is the Heavenly Scroll and source of all the prophets in the Bible. In the Mazzaroth the Plan of Salvation is laid out by the Creator and the Messiah’s role is defined. In the Mazzaroth, we find the first prophesies of: – The Sabbath – The Ages of mankind – The first and second comings of the Messiah – The Messiah ben Joseph (suffering servant) – The Messiah ben David (conquering King) – The Fall and Spring Feast Cycles of Yahuah – The Wedding Portrait, the Bride and Bridegroom – The Two Houses of Israel … and much more. In this book I explain how Yahuah used the Zodiac to witness the Gospel to all the prophets, Abraham, the Galatians, Sha’ul (Paul the Apostle), and John the revelator. The Mazzaroth is the Great Seal over His Word, broken at the “time of the end”. We are in that time. That seal has been broken

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Statement of Faith … by Rav Sha’ul (the Nazarene) …

Statement of Faith and Doctrine

My name is Rav Sha’ul, the purpose of this web-site is to “inform” and teach the sons of Yahuah about what the Bible truly says, provide guidance concerning false doctrines being preached in today’s churches, provide understanding relating to the Hebrew Roots of our faith, and to provide a commentary on Scripture and teach the true meaning and the “hidden language” the Bible is written in.  The purpose is to provide guidance to the Assembly of true believers (Nazarenes) in these, the last days as Yahuah moves on His chosen scattered among all nations.

Statement of Faith

I believe … in one God, Yahuah the Father, the Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, of all that is, seen and unseen.  I declare The Shema as the greatest of all commandments.

Mark 12:29
28 One of the scribes came and heard them arguing, and recognizing that He had answered them well, asked Him, “What commandment is the foremost of all?” 29 Yahusha answered, “The foremost is, ‘HEAR, O ISRAEL! YAHUAH OUR GOD IS ONE GOD; 30AND YOU SHALL LOVE YAHUAH YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, AND WITH ALL YOUR SOUL, AND WITH ALL YOUR MIND, AND WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH.’…

1 Corinthians 8
5 For even if there are so-called Gods, whether in heaven or on earth (as indeed there are many “Gods” and many “lords”), 6 yet for us there is but one God, the Father Yahuah, from whom all things came and for whom we live; and there is but one King, Yahusha the Messiah, for whom all things were created (by Yahuah as an inheritance) and through whom we live (in covenant being covered by the blood of the lamb).

I believe … Eternal life is granted to those who deny incarnation, and declare Yahuah alone is God, and enter into covenant with Him through the Mediator (our elder brother, eternal High Priest, and King) Yahusha the Messiah.

John 17:3 3
Now this is eternal life: that they know you (Yahuah), the only true God, and (come to You through) Yahusha who is the Messiah, whom you have sent (in fulfillment of Your promises as foretold through the prophets to be the Mediator).

1 Timothy 2:5
For there is one God (Yahuah) and one mediator between Yahuah and mankind, the man Yahusha the Messiah

I believe …  that all the sons of Yahuah are “one with the Father” through covenant of marriage “the two shall become one” in mind, will, purpose, spirit, and family.

John 17:19-21
 “And for their sakes I sanctify myself (through the Truth of Scripture), that they also might be sanctified through the truth. Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word (enter into covenant); That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in (covenant with) me, and I in (covenant with) thee, that they also may be one in (covenant with) us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.”

John 1:12
Yet to all who did receive Yahusha as the Messiah, to those who believed in (the covenant that bears) his name, he gave the right to become children of Yahuah.

Hebrews 2
…11 For both He who sanctifies (Yahuah) and those who are sanctified (Yahusha and the rest of the sons) are all from one Father; for which reason Yahusha is not ashamed to call them brothers, 12saying, “I WILL PROCLAIM YOUR NAME TO MY BRETHREN, IN THE MIDST OF THE CONGREGATION I WILL SING YOUR PRAISE.” 13 And again, “I, Yahusha, WILL PUT MY TRUST IN YAHUAH.” And again, “BEHOLD, I AND THE (REST OF THE) CHILDREN WHOM YAHUAH HAS GIVEN ME (TO RULE AND MEDIATE AS HIGH PRIEST).”…

I believe … in one Messiah, our elder brother, high priest, and Passover Sacrifice, Yahusha the Messiah, the first human born Son of Yahuah of many to come, born of the physical seed of David (through both parents) but eternally begotten or created in the Image of Yahuah by the power of Yahuah’s Holy Spirit upon resurrection, light from Light.

Romans 1
…2 concerning Yahusha, which Yahuah promised beforehand through His prophets in the holy Scriptures (both The Heavenly and Earthly Scrolls, he did not pre-exist), 3 concerning His Son, who was born of a descendant of David (through both parents) according to the flesh (idiom for human being), 4 who was declared (Divine) the Son of Yahuah with power by the resurrection from the dead, according to the Spirit of holiness (Yahuah’s Spiritual Seed), Yahusha the Messiah, …

I believe … Yahusha has been perfected over time and sinless in the eyes of Yahuah and he is “As One” with the Father in Spirit through covenant of Marriage. Through Yahuah, all things were made for Yahusha and his ‘Chosen Few’ as an inheritance.  For us and for our salvation, Yahusha was spiritually conceived in the “Mind of Yahuah,” as ‘The Plan of Salvation’ by the power of Yahuah’s Holy Spirit, and at his appointed time he was created 100% flesh through the physical conception of the young maiden, Miriam, wife of Joseph, and Joseph’s seed through a supernatural act outside of physical sexual union. One of 7 such miraculous births in scripture as a “sign” of Yahusha’s important in The Plan of Salvation.

I believe … For our sake he was crucified under Pontius Pilate; He suffered death and was buried on the Passover.  His death is not his sacrifice, it was the entire life of Yahusha, as his sacrifice was a “living sacrifice”.  We are instructed to follow his example of a life of obedience to the Will of Yahuah.  His death was the culmination of Yahusha giving up his own will and doing the will of his Father.  By dying innocent, Yahusha broke the law of sin and death and Yahuah did not issue the final death decree and rose Yahusha from the grave. After three nights and three days, he was resurrected to eternal life on the Sabbath in accordance with the Scriptures; He ascended into the heavens, and has been given the power and authority to represent Yahuah. He will come again to establish and rule Yahuah’s kingdom on Earth during the Sabbath Millennium, then he will judge the living and the dead, and his kingdom will have no end.

I believe … Yahusha is not Yahuah, he sits at the right hand of The Throne of Creation (which Yahuah sits on as The Creator).  Yahusha sits as proxy King over the Kingdom of Yahuah, which is a government that will govern the Universe (given him as an inheritance as the first born son of Yahuah).

I believe … in the Holy Spirit of Yahuah (the Ruach), as the Mind, Heart, Will, Essence of Life, and Power of Yahuah.  Literally Yahuah’s Life Giving Breath.  The Ruach is the Spiritual equivalent of human blood.  It is that that binds the family of Yahuah into a family.

I believe … in Forgiveness and Salvation through Grace for those that love Yahuah by the intent of their heart and strive to be obedient to the intent of the written Torah.

I believeYahuah has spoken through the Prophets, and continues to speak through His Established Authority which is His foundation on Earth.  These men are few and far between… seek them out and listen to them, not the established traditions and religious systems of mankind.

I believe … in one Holy Assembly of True Believers, who are mentally “As One” with Yahuah and Yahusha the Messiah through the power of the Holy Spirit of Yahuah.  These true believers are a very small remnant scattered across the globe and are the literal bloodline descendants of Abraham/Isaac/Jacob as so established by Yahuah in the Abrahamic Covenant.  They are called Remnant Israel and are chosen from among The House of Judah (Jews) and The House of Israel (scattered among every nation).

I believe … I acknowledge one water baptism (ritual cleansing of Mikveh) unto repentance of sin whereby Yahuah cleanses you of your sin.  And one baptism by the Spirit of Yahuah unto Salvation that revives your dead spirit to live again.  A deposit or guarantee of our future resurrection into the family of Yahuah.

I believe … I look forward to the resurrection of the sons of Yahuah, and the life of the world to come on The Sabbath Millennium where the sons of Yahuah will be organized into a Divine Government to rule first this Earth and then The Universe.

Sound Doctrine

I believe … scripture is understood in context based on sound doctrinal development.  I reject sound-bite doctrine which is implied and violates clear explicit scripture.

I reject the following “Christian” doctrines foundedin the Universal Church of Rome that is identified in the Word of Yahuah as Mystery Babylon, Mother of Harlots and which has come to be accepted as “Christianity”.  Christianity is verbatim The Religion of Babylon.

Rapture – The word “rapture” is a doctrine of men not founded on “sound doctrine” or found in the Word of Yahuah.  The doctrine of the Rapture violates the fundamental doctrine of “Resurrection of the Dead” as listed in Hebrews 6:1 by redirecting hope to a doctrine of “Assumption of the Living”.  Those alive at the time of the Second Coming of Yahusha are translated after the first resurrection of the dead at the time of the Second Coming. 

Hell – Only the Elect sons of Yahuah are given Eternal Life in any form.  Those not found written in the Lambs Book of Life are “like brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed” in the lake of fire (Gehenna).  This is the second and final death.  That judgment is eternal death, not eternally tortured.   A human with just a body/soul with no living spirit (born once) will die twice the second death is final and eternal.

The Bible likens the unbeliever to nothing more than the animal kingdom… and their fate is exactly the same.  Yahuah gave them a loving gift of live on Earth, after that.. they die and cease to exist.

 2 Peter 2:12 
“But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption;”

Jude 1:10-13 again likens the unsaved to mere animals “as brute beasts” and then goes on to clearly say that the unsaved DIE TWICE and upon the second death enter eternal nothingness “to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever”.

Jude 1:10-13
But these speak evil of those things which they know not: but what they know naturally, as brute beasts, in those things they corrupt themselves. Woe unto them! for they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core. These are spots in your feasts of charity, when they feast with you, feeding themselves without fear: clouds [they are] without water, carried about of winds; trees whose fruit withereth, without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots; Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame; wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever.”

Heaven – the sons of Yahuah inherit the Physical Universe, they do not float on clouds playing harps in some mystical place called Heaven.  “Heaven” is simply the Kingdom of Yahuah, or the Divine Government of Yahuah, or the Kingdom.  It is setup to rule the physical Universe which is given as an inheritance to the first born son of Yahuah and Messiah whose name is Yahusha.  And through Yahusha, it is willed to all the sons of Yahuah who are Priests and Kings. 

Pagan Hol – I – days – I reject any day with pagan origin and only honor Yahuah’s Holy Days.  I reject all Babylonian inspired Christian rituals such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc. etc.  I honor the Appointed Times of our Father.  His Sabbaths, the Passover, the Feast of First Fruits, the Feast of Weeks, the Feast of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement, and the Feast of Tabernacles.

I do not recognize the catholic man-god savior, Jesus Christ (IHS), as legitimate, because the catholic Jesus Christ, as presented to the world,never actually existed, as a God, demi-god or a man; while the human Hebrew Messiah Yahusha, both existed as the son of Joseph, and now exists as a member of Elohim, our Elder Brother, High Priest, Nazarite Priest, Passover Lamb, and Yahuah’s Ambassador to mankind.

I deny the pagan doctrine of the Trinity.  Here O Israel, Yahuah Elohim is ONE Elohim and there IS NO OTHER.  He is not 3 in One nor is the One 3.  That is called the Hecate Trinity adopted from pagan religions by the Whore who prostitutes out the worship of the ONE TRUE GOD, Yahuah, to the triune pagan gods, the pagan Mother of God, the Saints, etc. etc.  Any religion that worships the pagan Trinity, the demi-god Jesus, on the pagan high day of the Sungod, Sunday, is a daughter of the Cult of Sol Invictus renamed Christianity.  In fact, the Trinity is the MYSTERY of Babylon and the mark of the damned.  The Shema is the Mark of Yahuah between the eyes of His sons and it is the name of Yahuah and understanding He is not a pagan trinity or bi-entity.  There is no “mystery” to it.  Yahuah is the Father, Creator, and Eternal… then there is His begotten sons beginning with Yahusha.

I reject the belief that true believers can be demon possessed.  Attacked, influenced… yes.  But once born again, having had the Breath of Yahuah (Holy Spirit) breathe life into our dead spirits, there is no room for possession.

I reject the false doctrine of “amillenenialism” – which spiritualizes scripture, denying the literal return of Messiah Yahusha, the meaning of the Feasts, and the meaning of the Sabbath.

I reject all teaching that uses human prophecy, traditions of men, doctrines of men, or church authority to supersede the Word of Yahuah.

I reject the Roman/pagan teaching of the Virgin Birth.  Yahusha was born of a virgin as a sign just like John the Baptist, Sampson, etc. were born supernatural births as signs.  All of these men of Yahuah, including the Messiah, were born using the seed of their human father to honor their lineage.  Yahuah is Spirit, and does not have human DNA required for reproduction and the Holy Spirit (Yahuah) did not have sex with Mary.  Mary is not Yahuah’s wife, Yahusha is not Yahuah, Mary is not Mother of Yahuah, Mary is not the Queen of Heaven, Yahuah did not father himself, or anything of the like.  This all is pagan.  Yahuah procreates His family upon RESURRECTION from the Dead, not human birth.  This is clearly taught in scripture.  Yahusha was the Son of Man, the man Joseph.  And this is CRITICAL to Yahusha’s claim to the Messiah and critical to the restoration of the Kingly Line of David.  Without the Seed of Joseph, Yahusha could not be the Messiah.  The Messiah was prophesied to be a human, and prophesied to restore both the Priesthood and the Royal Kingly Line of David. 

Concerning this Physical Life

I believe … “discipline” is the key to life on this earth.  You live this life to learn who your Creator is.  You learn through the concept of discipline which is guided by the Law of Yahuah.  Discipline will prevail in your life in two forms (the form is dictated by your level of spiritual maturity):

Discipline imposed by Yahuah – in which case discipline takes the form of “outside correction for wrong doing”.   Yahuah ordained a system of “cause and effect” for every action in this life.  You will repeat your mistakes and you will reap the benefit of your actions until you have learned what Yahuah has to teach you and have the maturity to impose self-discipline.

Self imposed discipline – self-imposed discipline is the basic key to life.  This form of discipline leads to knowledge, wisdom, and success in life.  

The Word of Yahuah
(also known as the Bible)

I believe … the Word of Yahuah (in its original language and form) to be inspired.  That Word is The Torah, Prophets, and words of The Messiah.  The rest of the “New Testament” is written by “inspired commentators” and was not then nor are they now “prophets” who spoke for Yahuah.I believe 100% in the Word of Yahuah and that it is sufficient i.e. The Torah and Prophets and Gospels including Revelation the 5th Gospel.

I believe … he Word of Yahuah was altered by Rome, the name of Yahuah removed, the name of the Messiah changed, and false doctrines introduced.

I believe … Yahuah will give enlightenment and instruction to overcome this by understanding every word in context of the entire revelation of Yahuah.

I believe … the Word of Yahuah can be understood and is best understood “in context” of the chapter, book, testament, and in context of the entire work from Genesis to Revelation.  If at any time, my understanding of a particular verse contradicts the context of the chapter, or the book, or the testament, or the complete work then my understanding is wrong, and I will remain silent on the issue until the Holy Spirit of Yahuah enlightens me and I can fully understand and explain the verse in context of chapter, book, testament, and overall body of the Word of Yahuah.

I believe … he Word of Yahuah is best-understood alone independent of the “interpretations and doctrines of men” which tend to confuse and distort the simple meaning of the words.  leading to implied false doctrines and the second death.  The Bible was written in a prophetic, symbolic, hidden language that only those given the “eyes and ears” to hear can understand.I believe Bible prophecy will be fulfilled in context of The Yahushaic Covenant which is the transposition of all physical examples, parallels, idioms, and riddles into the realm of The Spirit.  In that context we should understand such things as The Abomination of Desolation and many other prophecies.I reject all forms of sound bite implied doctrines.

The Creator – Yahuah, the Name above every name.

For a detailed anaylsis of the Name of the Creator and His Son… click here.

I believe … in One self-existent Creator and that He disclosed Himself to be Yahuah, the Father of the sons of God (Elohim).  I believe the Father has a plan that was revealed to mankind through covenants, none of which are void, but all of which build on the last; leading to a complete revelation of our purpose within His Will. 

I believe … the final covenant (marriage contract) between Yahuah and mankind was initiated with Messiah Yahusha, and was consummated through the blood of Yahusha, and disclosed to the sons of Yahuah individually through the instruction of the Holy Spirit (breath of Yahuah).

I believe … I am a disciple of Yahusha, who is the Messiah, my elder brother, my King, my High Priest, my Yom Kippur, and Passover Lamb.

I believe …  am in debt to Yahusha because He died for me, and if called upon I will gladly and I fully expect to return the favor.  Worthy is the Lamb!

I believe … I am a Nazarene.  Follower of the Branch, the Notsri, who is Yahusha the Messiah.


I believe … in predestination and that salvation is 100% a work of Yahuah through election as follows:

I believe … Yahuah the Father elects you unto salvation and did so before the creation of the Universe.

I believe … Yahuah sacrificed His first born (and only at this point) begotten son Yahusha.

I believe … Yahusha the Messiah purchased our salvation while we were still dead in our sin.

I believe …  Yahusha serves the sons of Yahuah as the Eternal High Priest of the Zadok line (Melchizedek) and mediates continually offering his life for ours before The Throne of Yahuah.

I believe … Yahusha is our Passover Lamb, our Yom Kippur, our High Priest, our King, and our brother in the family of Elohim.  He is not our God.

I believe … that Yahuah breathes life (baptism of the Holy Spirit) back into your dead spirit (Born Again).  At that moment, you become a Chosen member of the family of Family, future begotten son of Yahuah in the family of Elohim.

I do not believe “speaking in tongues” is a sign of anything, and if anything it is a gift of speaking multiple languages.  But specifically the gift of understanding the Mystery Language.

I believe …  the gifts and calling of Yahuah are irrevocable and that if Yahuah elects you, that He is the “author and finisher” of your faith.  Meaning, if He saves you, He will personally see to your ultimate salvation. Once truly saved, always saved, but “truly saved” is the issue.  Many believe they are saved and have no idea what true salvation means or what the evidence of true salvation is.  So many “appear saved” and never were.

I believe … that as a Chosen son of Yahuah, He will see to your ultimate perseverance, instruction, and obedience.

I believe … you must be Signed (keep the Sabbath Holy), Sealed (by the Shema), and Delivered (by the Passover Lamb, Yahusha) in order to be resurrected.  Salvation is based on faith in His Promises as we keep His Word, Commandments, and Laws out of love.  We are saved by living the example set by the life of Yahusha.  We must walk through the Narrow Gate by keeping the Ordained Times of our Father as properly instructed and demonstrated by Yahusha.  We must offer our own lives as living sacrificial lambs, be Mikveh’d, and demonstrate a circumcised heart for His Will and Law.

The Church – a metaphor for the family of Yahuah

I am not a Christian.  That term is an insult to a Nazarene.  I rely solely on my relationship with Yahuah in the Covenant with Yahusha through the breath of Yahuah (Holy Spirit) for wisdom, understanding, instruction, and revelation.  These things I pray for daily.  The ‘Church’ is not contained within 4 walls, but rather is comprised of the worldwide body of true believing born again Nazarenes made evident by the Shema, of which I am a member in good standing.  Not of my own merit.  I do not deserve it.  I did not earn it.  It was a gift freely given to me by Yahuah through His Messiah, Yahusha, and I am indebted to spread the knowledge of this Gift and Covenant with my life.