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Sowing into the Kingdom is one of the most basic principles in Scripture. The Sabbath Covenant Ministry is one of the most unique on Earth… help us change the world…

“I need your help! The Sabbath Covenant is the ‘tip of the spear’ taking the Truth to a dying world, and there is only so much I can do alone. Let’s bear fruit for His Coming Kingdom together. Become a monthly Sponsor and support those called by Yahuah who don’t have the luxury of holding a job. We all have families to support yet we are soldiers fighting on the front lines… And no soldier serves at his own expense (1 Cor. 9:17), it is impossible to wage this battle full time without YOUR support“… Rav Sha’ul

Invest in one of the most significant moves of the Father in human history! Rav Sha’ul is currently laboring to restore The Word of His Testimony written in the stars to the writings of The Nazarenes (The New Testament).  For more information on this unique move of Yahuah at the turn of the ages click here.

The Sabbath Covenant Ministry reaches on average 25,000 people daily and approximately 5 million people each year from over 250 countries around the globe in my effort to bring the light of The Yahushaic Covenant to a lost world.

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Rav Sha’ul has authored over 11 books to establish a foundation for the Nazarene community from which to grow. Everything we do is free on our website. We do not have support from any source, we rely 100% on the family to honor this ministry.

I also support other ministers who have dedicated themselves full-time to getting this vital message out. This is one ministry that teaches The Truth, more so than any other ministry on this Earth. It is not popular and comes under intense attacks daily to stop this message.

To support this ministry, you can buy printed books. Which I highly recommend because the “internet” is not going to be available forever. When it goes down, you are going to be at the mercy of “what you know” and severely twisted/mistranslated English Bibles; and we all better pray we know enough. I recommend having a complete copy of my book series in your library, and then you can rest assured… “you know enough”. Below is a link to all the 5 Star Rated books I have in print:

Books by Rav Sha’ul in print and digital formats 

If you would like to go beyond just buying books (each book includes a $5 donation to The Sabbath Covenant in the price of the book)… You can either donate via PayPal, or if that doesn’t work (PayPal can be difficult) you can mail a check. You may also call me and I can take credit card payments as well. 877-212-1453. Or you may Western Union the money. Please send me an email if you would like to arrange a payment method other than check or PayPal. 

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To help provide the textbooks and training for those chosen to be trained as Nazarene Teachers to get this message to the nations or help fund Rav Sha’ul’s commission to restore The Word of His Testimony to the writings of The Nazarenes (The New Testament):

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