Christianity and The Great Deception by Rav Sha’ul

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In book 1 of The Original Revelation series, Creation Cries Out!, we learned that our Creator’s plan of salvation was written in the stars as a witness to all humanity of a coming Messiah.

In that first book, I explained how the angelic realm corrupted that message and taught mankind to worship the Sun.  In book 2 we learned how that “lie of Sun worship” was formulated into a formal religion in Babylon.

In this book, book 3 of The Original Revelation series, we are going to trace this Mystery Religion of Babylon as it was formally transferred from Babylon to Rome and became known as The Cult of Sol Invictus (the cult of the invincible sun).

The Babylonian High Priesthood was conferred upon the Emperor of Rome as Pontifus Maximus  (High Priest of the Sungod).  We still to this day use that title for the High Priest of the Sungod, we call this position The Pontiff (Pope) who today presides over the Babylonian Priesthood.

In this book, we are going to trace the history of the Christian Church, its rituals, its gods, its Christ, and compare them to both the religion of Babylon and the revelation of God in The Bible.  We are going to ask and answer the hard questions.:

  • As the largest religion on Earth is it possible that Christianity is the “wide gate that leads to destruction”?
  • Could it be that Christianity is The Mystery Religion of Babylon that “deceives all mankind” as prophesied?
  • Have we all been led astray by a Greek conquest of the Hebrew faith?  Did the victor in the Roman/Jewish Wars literally rewrite history?
  • Did Constantine start a new religion and impose a lie upon humanity at the threat of death?
  • Has humanity been conditioned for 1,500 years not to question “Babylonian rituals and doctrines” by the Catholic Church?
  • Were the “church fathers” pagan?
  • What is the Spirit of the False Messiah and the Spirit of Error?
  • Who is the False Messiah?
  • Who is the False Prophet?
  • Who is The Dragon/Spirit behind them?
  • Who is the False Priesthood?
  • What is the False Spirit?
  • What is the False Sign?
  • What is the False Seal?
  • What is the False Deliverance?

If you have ever thought to yourself “something is just not right with the Church today” then you will find your answers in this book.  This book will be the hardest book you have ever read.  It is an eye-opening, jaw-dropping, pride swallowing, tear-jerking reality that will have you on your knees crying out in repentance to the Living God… IF you are His chosen.

If you choose to read this book I will show you how deep this rabbit hole goes but… I am only offering you is the Truth.  However, most people cannot handle The Truth, that is why the gate to eternal life is very narrow and “few there are that find it” Matthew 7:14.

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