Creation Cries Out: The Mazzaroth – 3rd Edition

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Book Synopsis

Creation Cries Out! is the first book in The Original Revelation series. The 11 books in The Original Revelation clearly define the great deception, the false religion, the false messiah, the true Messiah, the Kingdom of God (Yahuah), The Yahushaic Covenant, The Law and The Pauline Doctrine, and much more.
In this first book, Creation Cries Out!, we begin our search for the truth with a journey back to Creation to define the message written in the stars the Scriptures call “The Word of His Testimony” by our Creator Yahuah. We reclaim that message to His Glory.
We will take a critical look at the origin of mankind, the fall of the angelic realm, myths of the gods that ruled over humanity, myths of giants, myths of vampires, and more to help us understand the world in which our ancient ancestors lived. A world communicated throughout the Ages using Mythology as their means of communication. We’ll look at the truth behind the myths. We’ll explain the origin of the many “solar messiahs” throughout history, and much more.
Creation Cries Out! The book of the Mazzaroth, is the most complete book ever written on what the Bible calls the Mazzaroth or “The Heavenly Scroll” and what we today call the Zodiac before it was corrupted in Babylon. It is The Heavenly Scroll and source of all the prophets in the Bible and The Torah itself! In The Heavenly Scroll, the Plan of Salvation is laid out by the Creator and the Messiah’s role is defined.
In The Heavenly Scroll, we find the first prophecies of:
  • The Sabbath – The Ages of mankind
  • The first and second comings of the Messiah – The Messiah ben Joseph (suffering servant)
  • The Messiah ben David (conquering King)
  • The Fall and Spring Feast Cycles of Yahuah
  • The Wedding Portrait, the Bride and Bridegroom
  • The Two Houses of Israel
  • The source of all pagan kings and “Christs”
  • The age of individual life (70 years)
  • The exact day of the Messiah’s birth
  • A Lamb that is slaughtered

… and much more.

In this book, I explain how Yahuah used the Zodiac to witness the Gospel to all the prophets, Abraham, the Galatians, Sha’ul (Paul the Apostle), and John the Revelator. I explain in detail the visions of Ezekiel, Daniel, and John in Revelation and how they were told to “Behold! The Heavenly Scroll” and described the Enoch Zodiac in great detail. I explain how the Mazzaroth/Zodiac is the real meaning behind the English word “heaven”. I bring to light many scriptures throughout the Bible that are specifically speaking of the Zodiac/Heavenly Scroll.

In this book, difficult concepts are explained in plain English. I address the question “does the Bible condemn the Zodiac, or proclaim it?” What is “divination”, what is the difference between a Prophet and a Soothsayer? What is Astrology and is there a righteous example of it?

This book is 431 pages of fully illustrated and well-defined Truth that has alluded mankind since the creation of man. I explain how the message in the Zodiac has been perverted and the Battle of the Ages between the Truth of the Creator and sun worship comes down to the Zodiac. The false messiah is defined by the corrupted message found in the Babylonian Zodiac. The True Messiah is the fulfillment of the Original Revelation from Yahuah to all mankind found written in the stars called The Heavenly Scroll as given to Enoch and passed down to all the prophets.

This book lays the foundation for The Original Revelation Series and is Truth on another level of what you have ever been taught.

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