Mystery Babylon the Religion of the Beast by Rav Sha’ul

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The angelic realm perverted the Creator’s Gospel message written in the stars but it was in Babylon that lie became a formal religion. We are commanded to come out of this religion and not partake in her sins. Before we can cleanse our lives of these pagan traditions we must first know what rituals and gods defined the religion in Babylon.

In this book, we will look at Nimrod the founder of Babylon and how he became Ba’al the sun god. We will look at Semiramis, his wife, who became the fertility goddess Ishtar/Easter who was the self-proclaimed “Queen of Heaven” who created The Mystery Religion of Babylon to maintain control over Nimrod’s empire… and she remains in control of all humanity today!  Every religion on Earth including and specifically Christianity has its foundation in Babylon!

We will examine closely the religion Semiramis created to maintain power after Nimrod’s death. We will look at Semiramis’ son Tammuz whom she claimed was given to her by the rays of the sun in virgin miraculous birth. Semiramis then married her son Tammuz claiming he was the incarnation of Nimrod. The Trinity was born.

Nothing is too sacred or off limits in this book. Discover the origin of the rituals and religions of today. This book will rock your very foundation!  This book is book two of The Original Revelation Series and builds on the first book Creation Cries Out!.  The first book Creation Cries Out! explains how the angelic realm fell out of favor with The Creator for corrupting The Creator’s message written in the heavens teaching humanity worship the planets namely the Sun.  This book shows how that corrupted message of planet worship was formulated into a religion then passed on throughout the ages in every culture and every civilization.

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