The AntiChrist Revealed! by Rav Sha’ul

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In this book, I am going to clearly identify what has eluded mankind for 2,000 years… The identity of The Beast and the religion behind it.

The Bible declares that all mankind will worship this Beast at the end and that has come true as it is the largest religion on Earth and this beast is a false image of the true Messiah who we have elevated in our hearts as God above Yahuah.

The Creator, Yahuah, who revealed Himself in The Bible, warns us that His Word would be mistranslated and altered by Jewish scribes and twisted by Greeks into ‘another gospel’ that abolishes His Law and we would be presented with an “image” of the Messiah that is false called The Lawless One.

This book is an all-out Biblical assault and condemnation of this false messianic image known as The Antichrist… The Beast has been revealed and now we can “see” the Abomination of Desolation.

Have you committed it!  It is not too late to overcome it and rededicate the altar of your heart back to the one true God.

Hesus Horus Krishna (the composite pagan demi-god created by the pagan Roman Emperor and High Priest of the Sungod name Constantine) who later became known as Jesus H. Christ is the prophesied “AntiChrist” or more accurately the false image of the true Messiah whose name is Yahusha the Nazarene.

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