The Mistranslated Book of Galatians by Rav Sha’ul

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In this book I breakdown Sha’ul’s letter to the Assembly in Galatia… and reveal the true meaning of this letter in context of all of Sha’ul’s other writings, The Torah, The Heavenly Scroll, and overcome the intentional efforts of the Christian translators to twist the Greek into English to abolish The Law.  We are misled at every level of “religion” to do away with The Law of Yahuah (God) using Hellenized pagan translations (called our English Bibles) teaching the lie as if it were the Truth as prophesied!

This is not a word-for-word translation (which is never how the Scriptures were supposed to be translated and not how ANY document is translated from one language to another), but a true translation of the “intent” of the letter. No translation should ever be done in word-for-word for many reasons. “Do not add to or subtract from” is not speaking about individual words, but rather the intent and meaning of the text. That is exactly what happens in a word-for-word translation attempt. The intent and meaning is lost completely and the resulting translation is left void, vague, and uninspired.

The Hebraic Mindset, the Idioms, and the CONTEXT of the writer’s other letters are left out… and we are left to “guess” what Sha’ul was trying to say. Then add the influence of Hellenism, words twisted into Greek, and the pagan beliefs of the translators themselves… and we end up with what we now have in our English Bibles… a complete lie totally opposite of what Sha’ul believed, taught, and wrote in this letter to the Assembly in Galatia.

This translation contains the missing context of all of Sha’ul’s writings, The Torah, The Heavenly Scroll, the proper use of the Greek words, and how they should have been handled in English. For the first time, this is the proper translation of the Book of Galatians. This is what Christianity does not want you to know. That Sha’ul was a devout Nazarene, a defender and teacher of The Torah.

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