The Nazarene by Rav Sha’ul

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Welcome to my book, The Nazarene!

May Yahuah give us all eyes to see the Truth, the ears to hear what the stars proclaim day after day, night after night, and the mind to overcome 2,000 years of the Lying Pen of the Scribes and the traditions/doctrines passed down generation after generation that are “nothing but lies, false gods, and things of no profit”.

In this book, I am going to overcome these lies. I am going to show the proper meaning and intent of Scripture by correcting the mistranslations and demonstrate the meaning in context. I will portray The Nazarene in proper context of The Heavenly Scroll, within the proper relationship to his Father, and lay out his life as a human being.

I will show that Yahusha came to show us The Way whereby we all can achieve the “fullness of deity in our bodies”, fulfill The Law, and defeat death as we too are perfected. That “Way” is Mikveh, Circumcision, and Offering on Passover.

While these Hebrew Roots teachers claim to have ‘come out of Babylon’ they remain knee deep in it and in fact are throwing us into the “fire of Judaism” a man-made religion reducing the amazing Plan of Salvation written in the stars to a meaningless religion of words and rituals. These “teachers” are self-appointed and remain Hellenized… They all have denied The Creator’s Witness of Yahusha written in the stars at creation called The Heavenly Scroll. Instead of teaching the Truth, that Yahusha was given Glory with Yahuah at Creation, written in The Heavenly Scroll, where The Branch is foretold as a “Lamb that would be slaughtered”; they teach us that Yahusha pre-existed and was co-creator. These men who claim to understand the Scriptures have denied the very source of inspiration of all the Prophets, as they all to a man, were Witnessing the coming of the Branch, Orion, in The Heavenly Scroll.

We have twisted the Scriptures to serve our own blasphemous purposes to tickle the ears of the people who want a demi-god in the image of all pagan religions. Much like when the Israelites rejected Yahuah as their King and demanded a human King like all the pagan nations. We have adopted “the way of the pagans/Gentiles” in the most fundamental pagan doctrine of all! Incarnation.

I guarantee anyone who reads this book and seriously studies what is presented and proved historically and Scripturally will not believe in “incarnation” by the time they finish this book!

This book is the answer to The Spirit of the False Messiah and proclaims the true “testimony of Yahusha the Nazarene” to all mankind restoring back the original teachings and message of those who knew the Messiah personally… The Nazarenes.

A Nazarene's Guide