The Yahushaic Covenant Series by Rav Sha’ul

The Yahushaic Covenant Volume 1 – The Mediator in Print and Kindle

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The Yahushaic Covenant Volume 1 – A complete guide to The Renewed Covenant presented from the viewpoint of a Nazarene. Over 500 pages of true doctrine, from which we all can establish our foundation.

Eye-opening insight as The Yahushaic Covenant is taught from a standpoint few understand, that of a Nazarene. What is the true meaning of the renewed covenant that bears the name of the Messiah? Who is Yahusha and what is his relationship to The Creator? This book is a detailed examination of the true Messiah and the covenant we are to abide in from the standpoint of the physical to spiritual parallels found in The Torah.

This book specifically addresses the reality of Yahusha’s humanity vs. his divinity and details our role and our responsibility within The Yahushaic Covenant.

In this book, I restore the teachings of The Apostle Paul back to their true meaning and clearly confront and overcome “The Pauline Doctrine” of the Christian Church. Restoring one of the greatest teachers of The Renewed Covenant back to his true roots as ‘The Leader of the Nazarene’s’. In this book, I address the reality of The Law and break The Law down and teach The Law from a standpoint of Spiritual Intent as The Messiah instructed.

Very few understand the covenant they claim to be under.  This book is a prerequisite to The Law and The Pauline Doctrine.

A Nazarene's Guide