The False Messiah

TheFalseMessiahCoverfinalsmThe Antichrist Revealed!
below is taken from the 500 page book by Rav Sha’ul

Jesus Christ is the final incarnation of many human attempts to fulfill the twisted version of the Zodiac (Sun Worship). Throughout history, beginning with Tammuz in Babylon, mankind has attempted to fulfill the message contained in the stars with “legends” and “myths”. All of these false “Christs” are known by the same characteristics revolving around the worship of the Sun.

The final incarnation of these sungod myths is known as The False Messiah or “the first Beast”, which leads all humanity astray. He is known as The Lawless One (the one in whose false image, the Law is abolished).

Jesus Christ is that false image of the True Messiah, the image of a man who died that we “invite into our lives”, sit on the Altar of our hearts, proclaim him to be “god incarnate” and worship him above The Creator, the one in whom we believe the Law has been nailed to the cross of Tammuz!

The Abomination of Desolation

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