The Messiah

Who is the real prophesied Messiah of Israel?

The Name “Yahusha”

The Name “Jesus”

Was The Messiah “God”

Was Yahusha Human
Like me? Or was he a demi-god?

The Role of The Messiah The Signatory of The New Covenant

Yahuah’s Witness
Of Yahusha, that he is the SON of Yahuah (not Yahuah in the flesh)

Yahuah’s testimony of Yahusha (Water, Blood, and Spirit).

Yahuah has given a testimony that proves that Yahusha is The Messiah and His Chosen to become the firstborn son. That witness is that he was born human (water), inherited the titles of King and High Priest (bloodline), and that he was declared Divine the Son of Yahuah upon resurrection (Spirit).

Witness of Water

Witness of Blood

Witness of Spirit

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