The Plan of Salvation

The Plan of Salvation is through human bloodlines to produce the Melchi Tsedek which means Royal (House of David) Tsedek (High Priest of the House of Zadok).  This Melchi Tsedek (Ruling High Priest) was known before the foundation of the world, as the life of this “Messiah” would betrayed as crucified in The Heavenly Scroll.  Yahuah would enter into an adoption covenant with this Messiah to make him the first born son.  All who then enter into marriage covenant with this human messiah, would then be given the adoption rights, be begotten through resurrection, and live eternally.

The Yahushaic Covenant defined.

Introduction to The Yahushaic Covenant and this website!

The Relationship between the Father and the Son…

The Role of The Messiah – The signatory of The New Covenant

Our responsibilities within The Yahushaic Covenant



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This “message contained in the heavens” would be further defined in The Feasts of Yahuah.  The Plan of Salvation is a marriage covenant by which creation becomes “one” with the Creator through a mediating Eternal High Priest who rules as King.

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